SINCE 1938
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It might sound cliche but there are simply too many products in our store to even try to list them all.  From our immense selection of fasteners including SAE grade 8, Metric, Stainless, Brass, and fine threaded bolts, to canning supplies, to grass seed, to metal detectors, we have more stuff than you can shake a wooden yardstick at (we sell those too).  But don't be daunted by any of that, while our store is chock-a-block full of good stuff we keep a small footprint and nothing is more than a few steps away.  That includes friendly staff to help find solutions and guide you on your home repair quest.
We are a dealer for White's brand metal detectors, some of the best, most up to date machines on the market covering a broad range of features and prices.  We also rent several models suitable for finding survey markers, sprinkler heads, or lost jewelery.
For several decades we have been stocking Martin Senour paints.  While not the biggest brand name in the business, they have staked out a reputation for quality products and excellent color pallets.  When it comes to house paint, their Williamsburg Line has stood the test of time with tried and true colors that look good on any style of house.
The Garden shop occupies its own room and carries all the tools a necessities you could need for your yard or garden.  We sell grass seed bred and blended for this area by the pound.  We stock old fashion reel mowers for eco-friendly mowing of urban lawns as well as all sorts of other tools.  Have a bug or weed giving you grief?  Bring it in and our knowledgeable staff can help you find a remedy.